RISK Award India – Sharing knowledge and scaling protective measures

RISK Award India – Sharing knowledge and scaling protective measures

Not only the children and women in Pune have learned how to protect themselves from dangers and risks. The project team, too, has learned which methods work well and which don't. Other people are now to benefit from their experience. >more

2017 RISK Award "Information and Communication: Innovative Concepts and Technologies for DRR and DRM"

Disaster prevention is key! This is underpinned by the UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030. Innovative concepts and technologies for information and communication (ICT) are playing an increasingly important role in DRM and DRR. >more

New publication: IntoAction 6 "RISK Award - Inclusive Disaster Risk Management"

The winner of the 2014 RISK Award was ONG Inclusiva, an organisation based in Peñaflor, a town south of Santiago in Chile. The aim of the project has been to reduce or eliminate barriers in the city - their report is available now. >more

Inclusion not just a buzz word – Putting theory into practice

People with disabilities appear to be more vulnerable than healthy people. However, it is quite often the external circumstances that give rise to their vulnerability in the first place. If we succeed in creating an environment in which all people – with or without a disability – have the same chances, then we can speak of inclusion in real practice. >more